B.O.G. melting pot

Istituto Bodoni Parma
Project status:
private, Consorzio Solidarietà Sociale
Project category:
school spaces_ participation_ self-construction_ public space
Assignment for Manifattura Urbana:
designer-facilitator- construction manager and self-builder
participatory process of co-design of school spaces and self-construction
Tania Comelli, Alessandro Bonelli Carpenter

2019: The Bodoni Open Garden was born as the school’s shared garden and outdoor classroom.

A  dialogue has started with beautiful third graders who are trying to imagine a school where they can do something else besides studying. The school that welcomes them is the school they dream of, the one from which they do not run away as soon as possible but in which it is pleasant to stay because it is a stimulating, interesting place in which to take refuge. We have overcome the common “NO”, of which we know the sound but not the meaning and so the mind has been opened in fantasising hammocks on the trees and music to dance, to sing, to confront. We drew, built models, played with colours and then we built. At the chosen location we built this garden furniture to support the number of activities possible. And before we all realized how natural, human and spontaneous it is to live the “outside” we built an outdoor classroom and gym.

Then we told everyone about this project and shared it and we continue to take care of it because the BOG belongs to everyone but it is also ours.