Nembro cares

Nembro, Bergamo, Italy
Project status:
in progress
pubblic, Municipality  of  Nembro, Association of Architects of Bergamo
Project category:
participation _ self-construction_ public space
Assigment for Manifattura Urbana:
moderator of the participatory process and designer for self-construction with citizens
Tania Comelli, Francesco Fulvi, Ascolto Attivo, Association of Architects of Bergamo

The participatory process Nembro…si cura aims at rethinking the park in via San Jesus with the citizens, in order to make it a place for everyone, welcoming the new needs of those who live there. Its inhabitants have lived here the last two years of limited freedom. Reading with them experiences, new needs and wills it is an intense experience.

The park is of young people and for young people, this is the choral voice, but it is also for everyone. So, yes to play, to ample space for multi-purpose fields, but yes also to seating and tables and trees, lots of trees to provide shade, to make it welcoming, to make it alive.

The process is underway towards an executive design for the self-build. In spring the next steps with the citizens to re-build with them a new park and a new identity.