third paradise

Parma, Italy
Project status:
private Parma 360
Project category:
regeneration _ public space _ self-construction
Assignment for Manifattura Urbana:
architectural design and construction management_self-construction and coordination of a temporary set up.
Francesco Fulvi project manager, Tania Comelli, Giacomo Tibaldi, Stefano Guarnieri, Silvia Giuffrida, Sandro Del Lesto, Mauro Fiorentino, Maria Cristina Grilli. Michelangelo Pistoletto Foundation.

The third Paradise is the sign of the infinite of international artist Pistoletto who unites in the infinite nature and man; here they meet and find balance. Here there is all the essence of being. The artist lets the sign be spread and brought in the world as a symbol of reflection, union, growth of the community.

The installation was conceived in Piazzale della Pace, a central place in the city of Parma, where a square-park, abandoned by the relationship, was a place of discomfort. Here is therefore the possibility to live it, from spring to autumn in another way, equipped, set up, transformed into a space in which to stay and not only to cross. The call to the city made to give the relational content to the form, has allowed us to share the project with many realities, about 150, including: individual citizens, schools, associations, informal groups, who have built, occupied, shared their thoughts through an installation in the space of one or more pallets EPA in which the symbol of infinity had been divided. The public space has become so welcoming, it has become a place of encounter, exchange, growth and RELATIONSHIP. From a simple inhospitable meadow, Piazzale della Pace for a few months became a place to meet and get to know each other, to share.