New headquarters CIAC onlus

Parma, Italy




private Ciac Onlus


Project category


architectural design and
construction management


eng. Francesco Fulvi, Tania Comelli, Alessandro Bonelli -falegname-

Ciac Onlus, Center for Immigration, Asylum and Cooperation: it welcomes, studies, researches, meets, helps and weaves networks.

For the first time in its history, it has a headquarters and it has asked us to have a location in which to be together, but divided; in which to have space for every action; space for listening, above all. Places to welcome, to meet, to know each other, to plan, to tell.

These are the needs.

The apartment that hosts the Onlus is in an old building with large rooms, windows and ceilings.

The request is to identify the different spaces with distinct functions for different needs.

The communicative part entrusted to the color has the main role. Telling us where to go and telling us where to stay.

Warm and welcoming colors, but clearly visible ones. Graphics and color plan are the tools to make it easy and effective to move within the space.

Furniture is the second important element to make staying comfortable, it is designed and built to measure for the environment.

Plants, carpets, lamps, paintings and natural light make the office a human-sized place to stay.