cortex bistrot

Parma, Italy
Project status
Project category
public_restaurant _ interiors
design and artistic direction
eng. Marco Varani

Cortex bistro is the restaurant of friends. Is some friends’ restaurant

They chose as their theme the cortex. Cortex is the bark that embraces, protects, encloses, it is the last of the layers of a trunk. It is made of structural layers.
But they are meant also as sensorial layers.
The place my friends has found had already been a restaurant: they like the structure.
Let’s remove the extra layers, the partition walls, the panels on the walls, the big doors.
Let’s leave the deep layers, the ones that seem necessary: the lime-stained walls, the floors, the primary division of space. Let’s leave some forniture elements made by master craftsmen in wood and iron.
Let’s add a window, a large one, to make the kitchen dialogue with the hall. We want this.
The clean lines mark the language articulated in the three environments.
A welcoming space in which to insert a living room, a main room in which the white walls are by will silent, but present, and frame wooden tables with simple elements of furniture. Without tablecloths but with a small vase and flowers. Elements of nature sought and chosen from the spontaneous vegetation. The undisputed protagonists must be the dishes, which come from the kitchen. That gather all the senses, in a sensitive and decisive balance.
The third room for gathering.
Green color as architectural element gives harmony to the whole, binds the rooms, binds the inside and the outside, binds the senses.
Small details give value to the work of hands and mind. A logo that tells a story, a concrete top where elements of nature are engraved in bas-relief, a bookcase full of stories.
A place to stay among layers that welcome the human scale.