new alice’s library


Parma, Italia




Project status:


Municipality of Parma


Project category:
pubblic space _ library


collaborator for final architectural design


eng. Francesco Fulvi, Sandro Del Lesto, Stefano Guarnieri, Tania Comelli

The new Alice Library is a project for the citizens.

It is a library for a neighborhood, the Pablo, which gathers different ethnic groups, different ages, different people.

It is a project to include, to welcome, to share.

The outline tells the story, an industrial shape for a site where there has always been a factory.

The large windows make the dialogue between the inside and the outside direct, while walking in the park where the building is inserted, you feel part of the internal actions.

A large double-height hall with sheds that let in light, marks the entrance.

Then a large hall and more intimate spaces, in which to devote to 0-6 or neighborhood workshops.

The mobile furniture makes the rooms flexible in their use and ensures a varied use: shows, readings, cultural meetings, debates…

The carefully chosen materials are adequate for a high level of indoor comfort.

Exposed wooden structure in micro-laminate beech, interior brick walls and raw soil plaster, large windows with adjustable shading on the main front that provide natural light.

The new Alice Library is designed to be a meeting place to be.