ale&fra house

Bazzano, Parma
Project status:
Project categry
private _ interiors_renovation of stone house
architectural design and work direction
eng. Lorenza Cavatorti

Francesca and Alessandro were looking for a nest. They chose a stone house on the hills, a square house with a central staircase, strong and thick walls, a well defined plan, few rooms, but linear in their sequence.

The internal light in some rooms was poor, hence the decision to open large windows, but only where necessary. The houses of the Parma hills tradition are houses with few but resistant materials: wood, stone, baked brick. We have maintained them, just cleaned and sanitized them.

Removed the improper partitions and brought back, clear the original warping of the house, the rooms were already the right size.

The internal plaster completely removed, as improper, it has been replaced with hydraulic lime, already present among the stones in the original manufacture.

Natural materials for a respect of the existing and a greater indoor comfort: dry floors with cork as insulation, hydraulic lime on the walls, white cocciopesto finish on the ground floor, wood on the floor, colored fixtures create a contrast with the walls.

The human dimension of Francesca, Alessandro, Anna, Vittoria and Mina has made the building a nest.