Cazzola, Parma, Italy
Project status:
in progress
Project category:
 residential _ interiors
 architectural design and work direction_house renovation
eng. Curzio Robebrto, Lorenzo Benazzi, Arch. Federico Carra

Corrado and Francesca choose nature, always.

They choose air, sun, earth, plants, souls without fences.

They have asked me to be firm and decisive and to help them to always remain consistent with their dreams cocrete on the present. Nature must be a decisive element present in this new home!

The house is a portion of a typical rural complex of the hills of Emilia, poor, articulated, with volumes that are added over time in a somewhat haphazard, rearranged in the ’60s, lived only in part and in part left to a strong degradation.

A red part, a stable, a manger, a barn and open hills. The materials we find are stones, wood, brick, clay, cement and green.

We build the project with a long process, analysis, proposals, models, drawings and at the end the solution they choose is a form of identity with the place where we are, open to the landscape, welcoming to its future inhabitants, proportionate between the inside and the outside. A part will be renovated, a part demolished and rebuilt respecting the original typology.

The rooms are many, but not too many, the spaces are functional and articulated, but not excessive.

The sun is the main source of energy; there is only one heating body built by hand and working with wood. Rainwater is collected and recirculated for domestic use.

The materials chosen are hemp, lime, cork, wood, natural light.

Life is spent in nature, in the open air and the house is a nest in which to run for shelter.

A continuous search for balance in the sustainability of the parts.