Parma, Italy
Project status:
Project category:
private _ interiors
architectural design and artistic direction
Alessandro Bonelli Carpenter

Nautilus is a bookcase. Federica and Raffaele were looking for a designed space in their large house. A place where they could put books, but not only, also objects, photographs, vases, flowers, plants. An environment in which to dedicate oneself to oneself, intimate. We walked around the house, observed the spaces, the light, the furniture, talked about their habits, how their children live the same environments. We talked about their dreams and desires. We chose a place, on the second floor, to give a strong identity, welcoming. Above all, Federica and Raffaele wanted a story.

A story with which to enrich that of their home. Nautilus was born like this, talking with them and listening to their love for the sea, for boats, for travel. The design on the wall takes the form of a hull, slender but present, light as if to go fast. The horizontal and vertical planes stand out. The first ones are decisive signs that give a line, the second ones are quieter and recessed, supporting the structure that is suspended and can travel. The colours are functional to form and narrative. The space around is intimate and calm, it gathers those who want to stop and be lulled by the waves and the sound of the sea.

materials, wood and resin; oak and white.