Scenography workshop_ blu festival

Parma, Italy




Project status:


Public school_ Istituto Leonardo Da Vinci


Project category:
pubblic _ partecipazione _ self constuction 


scenographic design and work direction 


Arch. Tania Comelli

The scenography workshop was a valuable opportunity for participatory design and self-construction, held with 12 mixed-age students from the technical Institute.

The Blue Festival of the Arts, at its first edition, gathered students from four high schools to stage performances of dance, music, singing, theater.  Twelve students participated in the set design workshop. Participatory planning and self-construction were the methods used by Tania and me, to work on content and form. Exchange, comparison and sharing. Thinking and doing together. Tools that give meaning to the importance of the group.

Threads that unite, trees that taper, becoming sticks, movable seats for the different scenes. Setting up the inner courtyard space also for an after festival, to have a comfortable and equipped space.